CSA Challenge, Round 2

This week:
beet greens (clearly, Alex and I are not the only ones in our household who enjoy these)
2 new onions
2 HUGE zucchini (two pounds apiece, y’all!)
2 cucumbers
1 bunch curly kale
red leaf lettuce
fennel fronds
salad mix
1qt peaches

Then I cheated a little. I got SICK of waiting for tomatoes, so this morning I walked up to my neighborhood greenmarket and bought a few goodies to supplement my CSA share. I knew what I’d be getting from the CSA, so I was careful not to get duplicates.

Greenmarket food I purchased:
3 heirloom tomatoes
3 green tomatoes
1 lb. green beans
2 HUGE bunches basil, yielding 4 cups each – not pictured, because I already used them!

Leftover veggies from last week: 1 bunch curly kale, fennel fronds, dill, heart of the romaine (we’ve finished the vast majority of it), 1/4 head of green cabbage

Bought to supplement (so far): baguette, lemons, ginger, chicken thighs, chickpeas, 1/4lb garlic/ginger cheddar (from the greenmarket). I anticipate getting tofu and eggs later in the week.

Now for the fun part!

What I ate last week:
Summer Squash and Potato torte
Buttermilk Squash Soup
Chicken thighs roasted with onions/cabbage
Apple and shaved fennel salad
Lots of romaine-based salads
Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry with kohlrabi, kale, vidalia onion, tofu
Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry with beet greens, spring onion, tofu
Romaine salad with roasted beets, goat cheese, and a honey vinaigrette
Kale pizza
The peaches I diced up and froze, to make cobbler with later

The recipes I linked to are all recipes I either made up on the fly (kale pizza!) or have added to my recipe collection so I can make them again. I’m sure I’ll post details on my tweaks at some point, but for now I’ll just hint at two: the Lemony Chickpea stir-fry is so freakin’ adaptable that you can put ANYTHING in that pan with the chickpeas, something green, and some lemon and make it work. Also, the chicken with cabbage and onions I did this week was a bastardized version of a chicken and fennel recipe.  Turns out that you can use onions and cabbage in place of the fennel. I usually toss in some ground anise seed or fennel seed (I do the grinding with my mortar and pestle) for that sweet, licorice-like flavor, but the substitution works.

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