Ginger Whisky Tea

Snowflakes are falling past my window right now, and I’ve had one of those lazy, bundled up days that make me so enjoy colder weather.  I’m wearing thick rag socks, have wrapped myself up in my favorite grandma sweater, and am swaddled in a thick grey blanket I got at the Abbey Woolen Mill in Wales when I was 18.  I’m also firmly ensconced on my couch this afternoon, where I’m alternating between studying 20th century American history for my upcoming comps, playing Nintendo (the new Super Mario Brothers for Wii, which makes me feel like I’m 10 again), and doing recipe research.

I am very pointedly NOT cleaning my kitchen from last night’s cooking disaster, wherein I attempted to make Yottam Ottolenghi’s Caramelized Garlic Tart.  In fact I am avoiding the room altogether, save my venturing in there, whilst averting my eyes from the pile of dishes, to make one of my favorite winter time drinks.  I don’t know how to take compelling pictures of a drink – having an opaque mug  is a puzzle that I can’t get myself past – and I’m really too lazy to figure it out (see: above paragraph, where I basically extoll the virtues of being a couch sloth).  But trust me when I say that if you, like me, are sitting by your living room window, watching the snowflakes flurry and the wind whistling through the trees, you probably want to be drinking this, too.

Ginger Whisky Tea

knob of ginger, sliced (an inch or so in both length and width
tsp or so of honey (to taste)
whisky (I never measure, but rather tip the bottle over my mug while counting to three)
slice of lemon optional
boiling water


I feel like it’s cheating to give you directions, because you’ve more than likely already figured it out. Nevertheless – put the sliced ginger in the mug, pour hot water over it, and then stir your honey in until it dissolves.  Add whisky to taste, and a lemon slice if you like.  Let sit for a minute while the ginger infuses the water, then drink.

You should know that the ginger taste will intensify the longer it sits, becoming delightfully spicy by the time you finish the mug.  I like the spice, but if you don’t you should take your ginger out when it reaches a flavor you like. And don’t throw it away! You can use the same slices of ginger for at least two refills.

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